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Holbox School of Spanish

We are located in Mexico’s off-the-beaten-track paradise: Holbox Island. We offer customized courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. As we work with small groups, we are able to pay special attention to the needs of each student. Our great teachers together with the friendly and hospitable people of Holbox guarantee a fun and effective way of learning Spanish surrounded by a magnificent environment.

Holbox Island

a perfect learning environment.

About Holbox

Holbox is a small island, located where the waters of the Gulf meet the Caribbean Sea. It is an ideal place to take Spanish classes. It is a dreamy place, with sandy streets and a crystal clear ocean, and a picturesque town with very friendly people that will help you to put into practice everything you learn in your classes, as they teach you new things. It has a great gastronomic offer, bars with live music and accommodation for all budgets.


relax and learn!

Los Peleones

Holbox School of Spanish was born in 2013 as part of Tribu and all this years classes were held at their facilities. But from March 2017 on, classes take place in Los Peleones’ balcony, in front of the main square. Same professional and experienced teachers, same high-quality course, same relaxed environment, but in a different venue.

You can stay in any hostel/hotel and take classes with us. We’ll upload pictures of our new location soon.

The Courses

Which one fits you better?

The courses we offer are highly customized. Our methodology is not based on books to follow, but on paying attention to each student and adapting classes according to their needs. This is possible because each course has a maximum of 4 people.


It is a course designed for those who want to start from scratch. We work with the basic grammatical aspects of Spanish, but always with an emphasis on dialogue.

The idea of this course is that students get to understand the general functioning of the language and obtain tools to continue developing their Spanish from this base.

It is not a “survival Spanish” type of course. You will be surprised of what you can learn in so little time.


This course is designed for those who already handle a basic level of Spanish and can hold a dialogue.

The goal is to work with real issues that are of genuine interest to the participants. There are not preset subjects; it is a space to share personal experiences, opinions and have a cultural interchange and thus, to speak from the heart (that helps more in the process of learning rather than talking about issues that do not matter to us). Grammatical questions will be dealt with as they arise from the conversations and at the students’ request.

Specific goals / One-on-one

There are students who find it difficult to meet the schedule of group courses, need to work on specific aspects of the language (preparation for an exam, training for a very technical area) or just prefer the one-on-one approach.

In such cases, a course is prepared according to the specific needs of the student, coordinating the days and times, depending on the availability of the teacher and the student.

Contact Us

Hello! Send us an email (info@holboxschoolofspanish.com) or complete the form for more info!